Word Journey Series | April 2023

Ever Present God Series

In Heb 13:5, we have a clear scriptural injunction to stay away from the love of money. The weight of this instruction becomes even clearer when recall that the love of money has been identified as the root of all kinds of evils.  The beauty of that instruction is that we have a clear direction of what to replace the love of money with – live with contentment – and we have the assurance that God is ever present with to help us both please him and ensure we are not lacking anything. Living with contentment doesn’t take away the fact that God blesses his children but he requires the you approach your work with a diligent hand and follow him with patience until you see the manifestation of his financial blessing.

Ever Present God Series

learn how to enjoy the ever present capacity of God

The scriptures teach that the Lord God Almighty gives the power to make wealth. In this episode of Word Journey, Ven Ogbonna throws light on those scriptures, explaining how believers in Christ can do away with the love of money while receiving the financial abundance God is giving them.

How can Christians practice contentment without becoming complacent? What should a man do when he comes under pressure from his wife to spend more than he can’t afford?  These and more are the questions you will find answers to in this episode of Word Journey.

Some who believe the promise that God is ever present with His children is valid today wonder if God is still with them when mishaps befall them. In this episode of Word Journey, we are digging deep to understand the person of the ever present God Almighty, how to enjoy His presence.

In this episode of Word Journey, we want to learn how much work is good enough and not trust the arm of the flesh. What’s the balance between praying to God in faith and working hard? We search the scriptures to find answers to these questions and more. 

When God makes a promise, the manifestation sometimes takes time, On this week’s episode of Word Journey, we are beaming our searchlight on the subject matter of patience especially as regards experiencing the manifestations of His promises. 

Meet Ven Ogbonna

Venerable Iheanyichukwu Ogbonna is a servant of God who believes that as Christ is elevated, live are liberated to live. Ven Ogbonna is extending the reach of the sound gospel of Christ through his weekly Word Journey programme,  Word Alive podcast and  Ven Ogbonna Blog.  Ven Ogbonna believes that the gospel was not just given to reconcile men to God, but to liberate men from the oppression of Satan. It’s his heart’s desire that as long as God gives him life and breath, he will be a ready instrument in His hands for liberating men from the shackles of the devil by elevating Christ and His power for a total turnaround in their lives.